Remodels can be challenging, which is exactly why JK Construction loves them. Let us help you tackle your challenge. We've got this. 

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Historic Remodel

This now beautifully remodeled home was once a one-room shack built in 1898. JK Construction was careful to balance preserving the history of the home but also making modern updates. It was an honor to remodel this farmhouse that has been owned by family for 3 generations.

Original home built in 1898

Original one-room shack built in 1898

Farmhouse before the current remodel

This is the farmhouse before the current remodel took place

Farmhouse after remodel

Remodel complete

Original siding from 1898

This original siding of the shack now resides in the hallway of the home to maintain the rich history within the walls.

Farmhouse after remodel

Beautiful finished farmhouse

Outdoor living; pergola

Outdoor living space with pergola